We believe it's not enough to simply connect—the value of a network stems from open discussion and active support.

Newfound provides a space for meaningful professional growth. Share your expertise and learn from others, tackle everyday challenges together, and explore the full potential of your role.

Newfound Networks are curated by discipline and career stage, ensuring relevant and meaningful experiences for our members. All groups are globally and organized online.  


Robert Lenne
Robert Lenne
Founder & Facilitator

Robert oversees the Newfound experience and facilitates member groups. Robert's work span startups, scale-ups, and venture capital. As part of the leadership team at Artsy in New York he ran teams ranging from product and design to analytics and marketing.  Previously a principal designer at IDEO in New York; London; and Münich, he most recently co-founded Sweet Studio, a venture studio in Stockholm.
Robert Lenne
Alison Coward
Partner, Coach & Facilitator

Alison is a coach and educator who facilitates Newfound member groups. She is the founder and CEO of Bracket  where she helps companies such as Google, Etsy, and Channel 4 to gain clarity and improve collaboration. She wrote a book on how to run Effective Workshops and is a frequent keynote speaker on company culture and collaboration.

Advisory Board

Robert Lenne
Mimi O Chun
General Assembly, Airbnb

Mimi helps companies shape brand and service experiences. As the first employee at General Assembly, she helped create the go-to-market brand and learning experience for GA's now 40,000+ alumni community. At Airbnb, she worked in a skunkworks team to prototype new service offerings across digital and physical touch points.
Robert Lenne
Philipp Schmidt
Director of Digital Learning, MIT Media Lab

Philipp leads the Digital Learning + Collaboration Studio at MIT Media Lab where he develops new tools and learning experiences for professional development and graduate education. He is also a cofounder and board member of the non-profit organization Peer 2 Peer University, and board member of College Unbound.