Design Manager Group

What it is:

Newfound Network gathers groups of design managers at a similar career stage for knowledge sharing and peer-coaching. Groups consist of up to 12 members who meet online every two weeks, facilitated by an experienced coach who guides the conversation. Members are matched based on the size and stage of their organization.

Newfound Network will help you:

  • Make valuable connections with other great design managers
  • Learn about how other great companies build and scale design teams
  • Accelerate progress on your personal development goals

Who is this for:

The group is designed for managers with 3 to 12 reports, either managing a team within a large organization or leading the design department in a smaller one.

Diverse perspectives makes our groups (and the industry) better — the breadth and depth of perspectives you bring is strongly considered when reviewing your application.

The experience:

Coaching and Peer Coaching

Get input on your day-to-day challenges and personal development goals from your peers and professional coaches. Newfound Networks helps you identify a few key areas that you would like to accelerate your development around. We will also help you improve your own coaching skills, which you can apply in the group and with your team.

Knowledge Sharing

Learn how other design managers organize their work, build their team, and develop their people in structured knowledge sharing sessions. Our intimate format fosters openness for talking about real challenges in the design manager role.

Topics are set based on the interests and needs of the group, but example themes include:

  • Creating a culture of constructive critique
  • Advocating for design within your organization
  • Setting up successful collaborations with PMs, Engineering and Marketing
  • How design teams can thrive, remotely
  • Building and supporting a diverse design team

Guest visits

Our guest mentors are experienced design leaders who have done the job before and bring their own set of diverse perspectives to the challenges of leading design and design teams. They will share their own personal stories and share their perspectives on your challenges.

Guest mentors includes:

Jill Nussbaum
— Instagram (NYC)
Andrew Ackermann
— Samsara (SF)
Nina Mehta
— Mailchimp (NYC)
Dom Goodrum
— Let's Do This (LND)


The hosts oversee the member experience, facilitate group sessions, and connect you with the right people and resources.

Robert Lenne
Alison Coward
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